Hold On, Back Up: This Is How to Save Your TikToks

Hold On, Back Up This Is How to Save Your TikToks

Recently, there was speculation about the US banning Tiktok due to privacy concerns. As fellow TickTock enthusiasts, my friends and I quickly took the app to download all of our favorite content. Today, the addictive social media app is still in the U.S.

For many, TikTok has been a great source of entertainment during lockdown. If you like my friends and I, you probably want to save some dances, recipes, skits, and some other completely indescribable things you’ve encountered.

We have no idea what will happen in the future, but in the backblaze, we are all about saving precious memories. And social media is a place where things you want to catch may suddenly disappear or become inaccessible for reasons beyond your control. In fact, we have gathered a handful of guides to help you protect the content on many different platforms.

But today, our focus is a 15 to 60 second clip that you know and love on Tickcock. So in case some methods are prepared here, you cannot access the app in future.

How to download your personal TikTok data

You can request a copy of your Tiktok data and download information such as your profile (username, profile photo, profile details and contact information), your activity (video, comment history, chat history, shopping history, likes and favorites). , And your application settings (privacy settings, notification settings, and language settings). The steps to download your TikTok data are the same for both iPhones and Android.

Once your data is ready for download, you will receive a message in your Ticketlock inbox that says “System notifications: The file you requested for your Ticketok information is now available for you to download. Is ready for. ” Tap that message and choose “Download”.

When the file is downloaded, you can find all your comments, direct messages, activity, and more. To save your TikToks, click on the “Videos” folder → “Videos.txt” file.

Warning: You are not done yet! The file you received contains information about your TikToks as you published them, video links and the number of likes you have. But it does not include the actual video itself. To store the video, you will have to copy and paste the video link in your web browser, then download Tikok on your device. Yes, it will take some time to download all your videos, but if they are worth it, they are worth the time!

Keep in mind that these are the steps to download TickTex that you have personally created and uploaded to your account. If you want to save Ticketox created by other people, then keep reading.

Some people may have their videos set to non-download. Maybe they have a good reason for this! It should go without saying, if you are downloading other people’s content, do not use it for any purpose, because they cannot consent to it.

You can use this Ticketrack Scraper & Downloader to download all your data or videos of other users that you want to save in bulk. While this is the more technical option, all documentation on how to install and use the scraper is available on GitHub.

How to return your TikToks

Once you receive all your TicketTalk data on your phone, it’s time to return it. Those of you who think about iCloud can understand you clearly. Unfortunately, iCloud is not a backup service; It simply syncs your data with your other Apple devices. This means that if your Mac and iPhone are synced and you lose Ticketox saved on your iPhone, you will lose them on your Mac as well. You can read more about using iCloud here.

Since iCloud should not be used as a backup service, we recommend you use a computer backup or cloud storage service instead. To do this, you must first transfer your tikkots from your phone to your computer. And then, the time has come to return it!

Lucky for you, we already have a detailed blog post about backing up your social media content. The post covers the difference between computer backup vs. cloud storage and how you can use Backblaze B2 cloud storage to store your social media data.

With Backblaze, you can store as much data as you want with no limits. So whether you are an avid tikker with thousands of videos or are just getting started on social media platforms, we have you covered.

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