Where is cool use of contact lenses

Where is cool use of contact lenses

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects nearly every organ in the body. Good diabetes control depends on proper management. Disease management requires regular blood glucose monitoring.

To monitor blood glucose levels, these diabetics need to undergo pricking every time until the glucose meter scores a reading. It is a painful process. Often, glucose measurements need to be taken three times a day.

There should be some strategies that are painless or cause minimal pain. Several devices are underway. Some of them are provided in the market as unnecessary skin diabetes sensors.

Likewise, a team of researchers at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has developed biological contact lenses that are able to detect glucose levels in diabetics. They published their findings in Science Advances.

Controlling sugar levels for diabetics is of great importance. High blood sugar can be very dangerous for people with diabetes. The enzyme-based finger prick method is the most widely used technique for assessing diabetes. This is how compliance can be reduced in a diabetic.

There are many struggles to monitor tear glucose with smart contact lenses.

These contact lenses use electrodes that are made of a very flexible and transparent material. This transparent and flexible lens also dampens the glucose sensor which sends electrical signals to the LED.

With the help of this sensor, patients can transmit their health information in real time using the wireless antenna built into the lens.

The electrical energy that powers the LED pixel and glucose sensor is transmitted to the lens through the antenna. When the glucose accumulation in the tear fluid exceeds the set limit, the LED pixel will be turned off.

The research team conducted an experiment on a live rabbit. The rabbit showed no sign of abnormal behavior during the eye blink and the LED pixel was off.

When the concentration of glucose in the tear fluid is observed and exceeds the lower limit, the smart contact lens can still accurately maintain the eye temperature.

Some problems with these contact lenses
Some experts from Google and Novartis believe that tears have not been shown to be effective in measuring glucose. Former J & J’s Scan, former CSO John Smith said that measuring glucose from blood, saliva and tears has failed for decades.

These readings are influenced by temperature, surrounding environment, and humidity.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by increased blood sugar levels. It requires regular monitoring for good control. According to these measurements, one can know the need for further treatment if needed or to check whether the current treatment is working optimally or not. Patients use multiple needle pricks for this purpose. This has been painful for the patients. Thus, for diabetics among the many things going on, unnecessary diabetes care and contact lenses to sense blood glucose levels are also included.

However, there are concerns about the use of these contact lenses. They may not predict the exact level of glucose as some researchers have suggested. More investigations need to be done. If its future use is proven, it can make a huge difference.

Insulin is a hormone needed to break down carbohydrates in the blood. The pancreas receives signals to release insulin when blood sugar or carbohydrate levels are high.

When there is no insulin, the carbohydrates will not be broken down and most of this sugar will turn into fat and be deposited in the body.

Diabetics; Serious problem:
Diabetes is a serious health problem. It affects people regardless of their race.
Many medications and the same insulin injections work to control blood sugar levels but there is no treatment available for the disease yet.

Since there is no clear cure for diabetes yet, living with it can be very stressful, especially trying to balance the costs associated with the disease.

In type 1 diabetes, doctors have no choice but to administer insulin soon after diagnosis because the body does not produce enough insulin. Mostly, people with type 1 diabetes are children or young adults when they are first diagnosed.

Insulin injections are administered according to specific regimens. The basal insulin level is mostly maintained by long-acting insulin while short-acting insulin is prescribed for a rapid rise in glucose level after each meal of the day. This is how sugar levels are kept within normal limits. This is a very stressful process for patients, especially young children, who have to follow strict regulations daily and for long periods of time.

Strict blood glucose levels are required as there are many complications that can occur due to high blood sugar levels.

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